My Picks Of The Week/ ‘EOA’ Link-Up #60

Jesse Wilcox Smith~ On His Knee

Welcome to our weekly homemaking link-up party: ‘Encourage One Another’! Each Wednesday, you’re warmly invited to link up anything you have posted related to homemaking, homesteading, encouragement for women and mothers, and mingle with others who’ve done the same.

Every week, I feature 3-5 of my favorite posts of the week; be sure to link-up regularly because the “Featured Post” could be YOURS!

If I could only tell you how hard it is to decide on the what to feature each week! So many, many great posts link up! I get a ton of ideas from your blogs, and it’s so neat to have a weekly reminder that there are others out there who are kindred spirits! I am so genuinely thankful and inspired as I read over all the link-ups from week to week!

Thank you, everyone, for all you do to make this a growing community of like-minded friends.


I just must share this story of Amazing, Unquestioning Love! Lori [Always Learning] tells us about a British show on PBS: Call The Midwives. [Caveat: I don’t know if it is all good, so I am not endorsing this show.]

British show on PBS, Call the Midwives, TV show,

 Last week I featured Three Causes of Breast Cancer. This week, I am featuring Rhonda’s [Walking With Sarah] wise Lessons In Dealing With Cancer. This advice is worth its weight in gold!

pumpkins, turban squash, gourds, colorful fall display

No one wants to be a chump or easy prey! Brooke [Rivers Of Water] gives sound words about something so prevalent today in the church: 2 Ways to Guard Yourself from Being Deceived

finger pointing to a Bible verse in the book of Romans

Emily [Weak and Loved] lays it all out there: Help! I don’t like my child!

a little boy holding an umbrella

Kristy [Little Natural Cottage] presents wonderful BOLD Modesty (Fall Fashions That Defy Frump)!

modesty, feminine, clothing that defies frump, Bulk Herb Store


If you were featured above, kindly help yourself to the featured button!

Deep Roots at Home

If you have been encouraged or blessed here at Deep Roots At Home, I warmly invite you to connect with me on Facebook. I hope to see you there!


I’ve been thinking lately that as this link-up is centered around encouragement, that it would be so wonderful if the recipes that are linked-up are healthy. Something that is not only delicious but also nutritious to the body, an encouragement to living a healthier life. So, I’m requesting that you be mindful of the recipes that you link up. Are these recipes going to make stronger minds and bodies? Examples of welcomed ingredients would include: honey instead of white sugar; healthy oils such as coconut and olive oils; broth-based recipes; additive-free ingredients. Gluten-free, raw food combinations, and soaked are all very much desired.

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~ Jacqueline

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20 Responses to My Picks Of The Week/ ‘EOA’ Link-Up #60

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  6. Thank you for hosting this lovely link up. I’m new here and very happy to have found your blog.

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  10. Thanks so much, Jacqueline! I always look forward to your linky party!

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  12. Lori says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my blog, Jacqueline! It is an honor. I always learn something special from that show. Last week it was about a home that permeated with love. Such a wonderful picture! I heard the book based on the show is an amazing book. Blessings, Lori

  13. Lisa says:

    Sharing a little about our Reformation Day tradition of watching the movie “Luther” and hoping to inspire others to learn more about this great Reformer this Oct. 31. Thanks for hosting, Jacqueline! Many blessings, ~Lisa :)

  14. Thank you, dear Jacqueline, for hosting and for the feature!

    Blessings to you, my friend.

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  16. Thanks for the lovely features & for hosting, & God bless!

  17. Thanks so much for hosting!

    Linked up my post, “A slap in the face…”


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  19. Hi!
    Thanks for letting me share How to Have a Healthy Halloween!

    Here’s the link:

  20. Thank you, Jacque, for highlighting my post this week.



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