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Flowers On Your Table~The Secret To Long-Lasting Cut Flowers

I’m a big fan of enjoying the flowers in life. Study a flower. Notice the layers of petals, the lines, the curve of the stem. Smell it. Notice color, the intricacies of the shades. Remember that the God who created these masterpieces … Continue reading

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Top Fragrant Flowers and Shrubs For Your Garden

Top Fragrant Flowers and Shrubs For Your Garden Fragrant flowers make the garden memorable. If you’ve ever strolled outside at sunset and been surrounded by the tantalizing, citrus-y essence of orange or lemon blooms, you know what I mean. Plant your old-fashioned rose where … Continue reading

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Be My Valentine~All Year Long With Rose Petals & Lavender

Why celebrate Valentine’s Day only once a year? Why not celebrate your beloved, rejuvenate and pamper him mind and body, and make your time together a bit more romantic all year long? I cannot produce a photograph of a fragrance or scent … Continue reading

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What Makes A Good Gardener?

Some people feel gardening is in their genes; they just love to dig in the dirt, to feel the coolness of a handful of rich loam, or to watch the progress of a seed springing forth from the earth. However, there … Continue reading

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An Easy Satin Ribbon Rose ~ Tutorial

Today we had a friend of our daughter’s over, and they made chicken enchiladas together for our lunch. Afterwards, we made delightful tiny roses as a project and want to share them with you to use as your imagination leads. ~ … Continue reading

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Girlhood And Womanhood / The Analogy Of The Rose

Have you ever watched the development of a tiny bud to the open flower? You look upon the bursting bud in delight, seeing the promise, though yet you do not see the rose in its full beauty or completion. ~ … Continue reading

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End-Of-Year Rose and Honeysuckle Potpourri

Here it is November, and this is the last truly lovely rose (‘Fourth Of July’) I could find in the yard! BUT, it gave me an idea! Why not gather a late potpourri? ~ Jacqueline

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Color Me Summer

**cantaloupe melon** ~ Jacqueline

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Smitten With Roses

The rose’s happy countenance is contagious. They comfort, cheer, and please everyone that they meet. Roses are easy to live with if you choose wisely. The many David Austin English roses are hardy and disease-free, while many of the new … Continue reading

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Show Stopper – Jackmanii Clematis

Used by permission. Suzy Bale’s Garden. Probably my favorite garden flower combination is a hardy David Austin pink climbing rose and the vivid purple Jackmanii clematis ‘Superba’. I am smitten with roses, but combined with a Jackmanii, the rose is … Continue reading

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