Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?

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Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?

Did you know that many who consume diet soft drinks actually end up gaining weight~sometimes quite a lot? Something that has no calories, tastes sweet, and is marketed as letting us eat sweets without guilt seems pretty impressive, but is it really? Although the product Aspartame does not have calories, it actually stimulates your appetite.

Aspartame has now been linked to 92 adverse health problems. After reading Dr. Mercola on the topic and the allegation that aspartame may soon be ‘quietly’ added to our milk supply without labeling, I had to write about this.

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, milk on the grocery shelf, aspartame in milk?


Sugar creates its own health problems, but aspartame is not a better or healthier alternative, regardless of the lower calories. Both are deadly in their own right.

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, artificial sweeteners, Splenda, Equal, NutraSweet,


I’m sure you already know that aspartame is an artificial sweetener known as NutraSweet, Equal, Sweet One, or Spoonful, and it’s used in a variety of foods from diet soda, gum, candy, condiments, yogurt, cereals, and children’s vitamins.

What is so troubling is that it can be hidden in food under the name of ‘natural flavors’, ‘artificial flavors’ or acesulfame potassium. The tag ‘Sugar-free’ should be a red flag. Food manufacturers know that adding aspartame to their formulas is highly addictive, that it pads their profits, and keeps us coming back for more! The U.S. FDA continues to insist it is safe.

The controversy over adverse health effects is such that there are other countries that ban aspartame “in case”, as the government of Indonesia in 2007, or Hawaii in 2009.

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, rows of diet pops, sodas in grocery store

Just bear in mind that damage is caused by all aspartame consumption, and it is CUMULATIVE…the damage adds up with each dose. In addition, the FDA mandated warning label “PHENYLKETONURICS: Contains phenylalanine” is often well hidden, and in some cases illegally omitted (with impunity).

The majority of over 200 million clueless victims, in over 100 countries, who are consuming over 6000 aspartame-laced products (many of which are not labeled properly) STILL NEED TO KNOW.

(If you enjoy reading understandable and fascinating science and want to go deeper, you will find this very eye-opening.)

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, happy child, pierced ear, earring on baby, toddler drinking diet pop, soda

Aspartame is primarily made up of aspartic acid and phenylalanine. The phenylalanine has been synthetically modified to carry a methyl group (eventually methanol), which provides the majority of the sweetness. Methanol is a type of alcohol that is metabolized into the neurotoxin formaldehyde. It can interfere with DNA formation and lead to birth defects. Methanol toxicity from aspartame may cause autism, spina bifida, preterm delivery and more.

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, diet coke, aspartame

Phenylalanine is an amino acid that can be quite toxic. Just one diet soda raises the level of phenylalanine in the brain, causing serotonin levels to decrease and may lead to depression. Do our young people need this? Phenylalanine has also been found to be higher in people with cancer.

Aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid that can over-stimulate neurons, causing them to die. Before the data in early tests at Searle, where aspartame was created, was covered up, the tests showed holes in the brains of the test animals (Mercola). 

According to Lendon Smith, M.D., “There is an enormous population suffering from side effects associated with aspartame, yet have no idea why drugs, supplements and herbs don’t relieve their symptoms.

Aspartame has been found to “eat” tiny holes in our cellular membrane. When this happens, things like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), cancer, mood disorders, and many other serious issues will show up. Headaches are one of the most common complaints the FDA receives.

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, migraine, aspartame, woman with headache, woman in pain, hand on head, sick


Just released in October of 2012, we read, “Aspartame is linked to leukemia and lymphoma in new landmark study on humans”. The Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study covered a 22-year period, and is the most thorough study yet.

Since aspartame first hit the U.S. market in the mid-70s, doctors contended that tumors have skyrocketed in the general population. There is also the mysterious rise in diseases such as fibromyalgia. As a surgical RN in the 70s and early 80s, I remember hearing the conjecture about this in conversations with other surgical professionals. It made such an impact on me that we have shied away from foods containing this additive.

I am asking you to do your research and read labels prior to purchasing children’s vitamins on the retail shelves, many of which have ‘quietly’ switched to aspartame. Also, beware of baby foods and yogurts which contain aspartame. You may want to let Gerber (and others) know you are aware of this. I find it very duplicitous that they then tell you it supports a healthy immune system right on the packaging! Please consider making your own baby food, so you know what’s really in it.

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Gerber Baby Yogurt blends, aspartame

Help protect your health and the health of those you love from being seduced by the sugar-free diet craze. This is meant to inform, not scare, and I hope you will share it with your husband and older children. Let them read it for themselves; it may make a difference. The last thing we all want is to be unwittingly debilitated and dumbed-down!

Become label readers and consider boycotting these companies that sell this poison.

As Christians, we need all the wisdom and critical thinking skills possible in this world. “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.” ~Romans 12: 2

Instead of aspartame or sugar, consider using honey (preferably raw and local), pure maple syrup, organic un-refined Sucanat or Rapadura which have all the naturally occurring trace minerals, or grow your own stevia. I am also checking out coconut sugar.

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Sucanat sugar cane natural, un-refined,Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Rapadura un-refined sugar cane


Here are some (just some) of the companies to WATCH! Become a label reader!

One-A-Day, Centrum, Wal-Mart’s brand “Equate”, or maybe you just picked up some of Sam’s Club’s “Members Mark Complete”. This site warns us that there are often differences between website labeling and product package labeling.

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, warning, 1-A-Day, Men's vitamins, One-A-Day vitamins, aspartame        Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Centrum chewables, multivitamin supplement, orange flavored, aspartame in vitamins

What vitamins do your kids take? I hope not these! They contain trans-fat, food dyes, and ASPERTAME! And there are others to watch out for.

                                Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, chewable multivitamins, supplement, multimineral, warning, neurotoxins, health alert, Centrum KidsWhich Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Flintstone's,  children's vitamins, complete, warning, neurotoxins, aspartame

All diet sodas~

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Pepsi, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Coke diet products, neurotoxins, warning, aspartame

Lesser-known diet sodas brands contain aspartame~

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, fruit drink, Fanta products, pop, warning, sodas, zero, aspartame,

Ricola lozenges and other supposedly healthy products found in health food stores~

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?,, Ricloa lozenges, aspartame

Of course, Equal and NutraSweet~

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Equal, NutraSweet, Splenda, aspartameCheck out the Smucker’s Sugar-free line~

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Smuckers Sugar-free foods, aspartame

Also coffee creamer products (see ingredients)~

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, International Delight, neurotoxin, coffee creamer, sugar-free, aspartame

Kool-Aid products~

                                         Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Kool-Aid On the Go, drink boxes, sugar-free   Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, artificial colors and flavors, Kool-Aid packets, aspartame

Crystal Light Pure Fitness and their other products~

           Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Crystal Light, fitness drink, juice boxes, asceptic packaging, aspartame       Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, frozen pop sticks, On the Go, juice pops, Crystal Light products, aspartame

Most gums and breath fresheners mints~

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, Juicy Fruit, Orbit, Doublemint, eclipse, Extra, Trident, Big Red, Wrigley's, neurotoxins, warning, children's candy, migraines, headaches, gums and breathe fresheners, aspartame

Sugar-free Jell-o and most sugar-free candies~

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, Jell-o sugar-free, aspartame

                          Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, Werther's original sugar-free, aspartameWhich Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, Jelly Belly jelly beans, aspartame

Slim-Fast, SnackWells, hot chocolate mixes, Dannon’s and Yoplait yogurts~

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, children's vitamins, Slim-Fast, Sam's choice, aspartame in food

Fiber-One by Yoplait, Nestle products~

        Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, Nestle, Nesqiik, aspartame     Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, Fiber One yogurt, aspartame

Breakfast cereals and drinks ~General Mills, Carnation, and others~

                       Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, Fiber-One cereal, aspartameWhich Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, Carnation Breakfast essentials

I am just scratching the surface and getting really tired of this post… but I urge you to do your work as the guardian of your family. The key is to become a LABEL READER and teach from the youngest ages possible. Do it for yourself and for your family. If you are thirsty, there is nothing better to quench your thirst than good, clean water!

Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, woman holding glass, drink water, forget the soda, aspartame

  “True healthcare reform starts in your own kitchen, not in Washington.”  ~Anonymous

What products are you aware of that contain aspartame? Would you add the name of those products into the comments so that others might learn of them?

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Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?, neurotoxins, sugar-free, neurotoxins, children's health, migraines, headaches, Emile Munier, May I Have One, too?, painting, child with a slice of bread, eating fruit

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~ Jacqueline

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85 Responses to Which Is Worse: Sugar Or Aspartame?

  1. Nabila Grace says:

    What an informative post! I am actually sick to my stomach after reading it. :-/ As I already know about the dangers since my husband is in the health/wellness field it still causes me to squirm at the blatant infecting of a quiet death in the form of food. We don’t eat any of these things that you have pictured except the Ricola and it will not come into our house ever again. My dear older son has Asperger’s and knowing that there is a link from Aspartame to Autism causes my stomach to churn even more and makes me think back at what I used to eat before and while I was pregnant. Just goes to show that the diet God gave us in the garden of Eden is truly the best form of diet or should I say lifestyle there is. :) Praise the Lord for His insights and guidance. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I will be sharing the link to get the information out there for others. Blessings my dear!

    • Jacqueline says:

      Oh, thank you, Nabila! My heart goes out to you and your son. May the Lord be gracious and merciful to us all, for we have all done things unwittingly, and He is the only answer for it! God’s blessings and peace!

  2. jedidja says:

    I’m shocked. When I started reading I thought: Oh, I know it all. But I was wrong. I now feel insecure. If I go get groceries Wednesday, I think I buy other food than usual. Iam very thankful for this blog. It’s good you write about. I’m now a little bit of honey in my coffee :-)

    • Jacqueline says:

      I was unsure this would be received. I wondered if it might make people upset, but better to tell the truth instead of ‘fear man’!! Glad it has been eye-opening! Blessings!

  3. Danielle says:

    Oh. My. I knew aspartame was awful. I had NO idea I was giving it to my kids daily in their vitamins, cereal, and chocolate milk. You know–the stuff their pediatrician tells me to give them to help them grow!!

    • Jacqueline says:

      I just have to repeat what I wrote to Jedidja : I was unsure if this information would be received, but better to tell the truth instead of ‘fear man’!! Thankfully it has been helpful! Blessings!

  4. Lori says:

    I stopped eating anything with aspartame years ago. I figured it was a chemical and shouldn’t be in our diet. So many people are being fooled and it is really sad.

    • Jacqueline says:

      I learned so much myself by researching and writing this post! There have already been so many harmed. The little children that get seizures and go into comas, etc., made me cry :(

    • Matt says:

      I don´t want to ¨rain on your parade”or anything but…

      ¨a chemical: a distinct compound or substance¨

      Water is a chemical. Do you avoid it?

  5. Melissa says:

    People give me strange looks in the grocery store when the kids ask for candy or gum, and I tell them they can only pick one that has real sugar and no artificial colors or flavors. The picking gets pretty slim! Anything labeled sugar-free, diet, low calorie, or similar doesn’t make it into this house. I recently spent some time in the US, and couldn’t believe I couldn’t find a yogurt at Meijer that wasn’t low fat/sugar-free! People have been deceived into thinking they are making healthy choices, when they’re really filling their bodies with poison! We go for full fat, real sugar (or other real sweeteners) foods only. My husband still rolls his eyes that I call the other stuff “chemical” food. But it makes me sick to my stomach when I read the labels in the grocery store and see all the garbage on the ingredient list, and I just can’t put it in the cart! God made everything our bodies need to grow and stay healthy; man can’t make any improvements!

    • Jacqueline says:

      Melissa, I am glad there are Mamas out there who are on top of it, and unless you get nuts or fruit and wash it (we eat a pear or plum or apple or Trader Joe’s organic popcorn popped in olive oil), there is almost nothing that is worth our money or our health to buy. Thank you for sharing your struggle. Hugs!

  6. Roxy says:

    Hello, Yes we must get the message out! Many years ago when some of that stuff came out I was very aware. But when SPLENDA came out I thought I bought into the sales pitch. What did I get??
    Muscle spasms, weak legs, tremors, and all in only a couple of weeks after starting it.
    My sister and I started to brain storm and think back to when it started (BINGO)
    Splenda in my house! In two days after stopping it all the symptoms stopped! Beware that stuff is deadly!
    Blessings to you! Roxy

    • Jacqueline says:

      I am glad you found out what was causing it!…and, yes, I have read many times that some of the symptoms will go away when you stop ingesting the aspartame. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Racheal says:

    The stuff gives me focal seizures. I found that out the hard way when I was 10 or 11. I haven’t had the stuff since and I highly encourage people not to eat/drink it whenever I can!

  8. Joan says:

    Thanks for posting this! (I’m going to re-pin it on Pinterest!!) I used to suffer from terrible migraines. Then, I stopped drinking diet soda, and voila! My headaches “mysteriously” disappeared! I discovered that I am so sensitive to artificial sweeteners that even a sugarless ALTOID starts my head hurting – instantly! It is amazing. I wonder how long it will take before the FDA agrees that there is a problem with it! Thanks for getting the word out!

    Blessings, Joan

    • Jacqueline says:

      Hmm…Altoids have been a problem for friends of mine. I had forgotten them! Thanks, Joan. I am so glad you found out what was the culprit!

  9. Jacqueline….what a great post! We avoid aspartame, hydrogenated oils and high fructose sugar every chance we get. I’m so glad you wrote about aspartame and the dangers involved with it. Reading labels has become a habit for me and that’s important. Thank you again for addressing something very important to know. Blessings sweet friend.

  10. Joan says:

    P.S. Speaking of Pinterest, are you on it? I couldn’t find you, but would LOVE to follow you there! Your blog is wonderful!! For now, I’m going to like you on Facebook and in blogger!

    Blessings, Joan

  11. Leanne says:

    It is so hard to find products that don’t contain aspartame! Another ingredient that is harmful and in almost EVERYTHING is cyanocobalamin. This is vitamin B12, but manufacturers bind the vitamin with a molecule of cyanide to mass produce it, and cheaply. However, our livers have a hard time removing the toxic cyanide molecule to metabolize the B12, using more energy than what is gained from taking the vitamin in the first place!

    Everyone should check their cereals, vitamins, baby food, and energy drinks for this stuff. There are products out there that use cobalamin, or methylcobalamin as B12, which are the good versions. I wrote a little about this subject here: http://www.planprepareandprovide.com/2012/07/does-your-daily-vitamin-contain-cyanide.html

    Thanks for the great aspartame post. I wish I had woken up to all of this stuff earlier in my life. I drank diet sodas religiously for years, and I can only hope the damage it caused isn’t catastrophic in the future.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Dear Leanne,
      I appreciate the heads up on the B12 in the cyano- form! I wasn’t aware that it was bound to cyanide, and your statement “to mass produce it, and cheaply….using more energy than what is gained from taking the vitamin in the first place!” is so telling of most of what’s going on now. Profit, greed, power……We want one benefit, but are BLIND to the downsides the profiteer are bringing upon us. We ARE shooting ourselves in the foot!
      I am praying now for you as you work to repair damage done… and for all of us that are getting this poison in our systems.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the information.

  12. Excellent post! Sharing!

  13. Thank you so much for the very informative post! I try really hard to stick to food in the form that God intended – the less processed the better! BUT, despite my efforts there are things that sneak into our house that I wouldn’t really think twice about. I will be taking a much closer look at things now though. Thanks for taking the time to write about this (and other) very important topics, you will be helping a lot of people out I am sure!

  14. Sarah says:

    How terrifying that this stuff is lurking in everything!!!

    Thanks for posting the pics- now I can be extra careful when I’m shopping.
    Wish I could get my inlaws and parents to take another look at what they’re putting into their bodies! Scary!

    Take JOY!

  15. Thanks so much for this post – it is such an important one! I hate the stuff and have been trying to spread the word. Alice

  16. Elizabeth says:

    ALL of these chemical sweeteners (including the hyped “Splenda”) are chemical neurotoxins. They DO have a cumulative effect, and they will do ALL of the following, to varying degrees based on individual constitution:

    1) Create memory issues (the chemicals stop the exchange of messages from one part of the brain to the other);
    2) Make it difficult to walk, stand, or walk a straight line;
    3) Make it difficult to engage in activities requiring coordinated motor skills;
    4) Eventually, you may develop “Vertigo”;
    5) Eventually, you may start “blacking out” (losing consciousness for brief periods of time) – this happened to me when I was driving, in rush hour traffic! Go, me!
    6) Eventually, with enough in you, you will be diagnosed with Epilepsy, Alzheimers, or some related “disease”, when you don’t have it; but you WILL be treated for the condition you do not have, and, unless you find a seriously astute neurologist, no one will ever know the difference.

    By the grace of Holy G-d, I found myself in the presence of an astute neurologist BEFORE it was too late for me. The diagnosis took all of 3 minutes; 8 months to get it all out of my system; 20 years since I’ve touched these neurotoxins, and no problem since! Unfortunately, that Neurologist has since retired, but he was one of the few able and willing to tell the truth.

    I’ve been on a campaign against artificial sweeteners ever since. Even diabetics can have sugar, if you balance it in your diet properly, the same way in which you must balance carbs in the diet. I’m hypoglycemic; I know.

    By the way, I found chemical sweetener (it goes by literally hundreds of names!) in a can of commercially packed green beans several years ago, which is why I now buy my veggies fresh, locally produced, and can my own.

    We MUST stop the poisoning of our people, and we MUST stop the proliferation of diagnoses of “neurological diseases” that are no more than our brain and neurological system battling these chemicals, and losing the fight.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Elizabeth!!! Wow! Thank you SO much for sharing your story and the truth of the CUMULATIVE problems. I have read many times that one can get better, but it often takes quite a while. Mis-diagnosis is always the likely route and then when drugs are introduced, it clouds the whole picture.

  17. Fabulous article! I am currently writing an article for my blog on artificial sweeteners. You cite some great sources, and I’ll be doing the same including a cite to your blog and this article!

    Thank you for sharing this information and for educating people on the dangers of this ingredient.

    I’ve not yet given up organic cane sugar, but I’ve reduced my intake by 75%- which is a big deal. HFCS and Aspartame had me addicted. Not anymore.

    I’ll look into the organic sucanat that you suggested. You’re the second or third blogger to have mentioned this as a sweetener alternative.


    Kristine/ Real Food Girl: Unmodified

  18. I did a quick research on the Ricola and Fisherman’s Friend products because my mother-n-law uses the Ricolas and my husband likes the FF cough drops. Am I correct in finding that they have original flavors that do not contain aspartame and then the sugar-free flavors on both of these?

    I appreciate this article and your other one on aspartame. I just threw out some Vitamin C I was giving our children and will be reading labels much more closely, especially since we suffer from some possible side effects of aspartame.

    Thank you for your time involved in this research and for getting the word out!


  19. I appreciate the time that you obviously put into this post. Too often we just put things in our mouths and if it’s been approved by the government we trust it is ok. Thank you for this detailed information!! I recently started a Thursday link-up party (yes, today:), and I would really love to see this post and/or any others you would like to include. I am at allthingswithpurpose.com. Hope to see you there and for many more Thursday’s to come!!

  20. Thanks for this informative post! We usually avoid most of those foods, but I had a horrible stomach flu and just couldn’t get hydrated…. so I drank a whole bunch of Gatorade and other “energizing” drinks. It did help me get hydrated, but I’ve had a head ache for over 24 hours. I wonder if the sugars in it could have played a part?

    Either way, I’m gonna do a Bentonite clay foot soak. :)

    • Jacqueline says:

      Also, Anna, you can use activated charcoal in capsules if you ever know you’ve ingested a poison and it will absorb it and your body can excrete it! the foot soak is an excellent idea…you can use Epsom salt to replace your magnesium levels! Bless you; sending hugs!!

    • Emily says:

      And just a suggestion – if you find yourself dehydrated in the future go for coconut water. It will replace the electrolytes without all artificial sweeteners and dyes. And actually, a glass of water with a pinch of sea salt and enough natural sweetener to make it palatable will work if you don’t have coconut water on hand. I always try to keep a few cartons of coconut water stashed for if we get sick – but sometimes my three year old spots them and begs for them – I’ve never seen a child who loved coconut water as much as he does!

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  22. Jamie H says:

    Thanks for you post! I don’t use most of the products you’ve mentioned, but I have family members who are very “diet” conscious (meaning they never eat healthy, they just do the fad diets and wonder why they are still unhealthy and overweight). My mother-in-law drinks diet soda like crazy. I’ve tried telling her before that sugar-free isn’t good for you, but she never really listens to me. I’m sharing this article with her, and I’m hoping maybe it will make a difference. Thank you!
    PS- I found your link through The Modest Mom!

  23. Bigg Sis says:

    Great post! Although sugar isn’t good for us either – at least we’re a little more familiar with its effects. Aspartame has been thrust upon the public based on lies and bogus research. Thanks for sharing this info.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Glad to see you here, Bigg Sis :) Love your name, BTW! I am still learning so much about it…I used to eat sweet tarts as a kid and they are mainly aspartic acid~ taste good, but are NOT good. Blessings to you!

  24. Christina Diggles says:

    Thank you so much for your informative article. My family has known for a while that aspertame was harmful and we were familiar with many of its aliases, but we had no idea that it could be hiding under “natural” or artificial flavor. How do you find out what ALL the ingredients are in a product? (We have a surprisingly sweet herbal tea in our cupboard that I am now suspicious of. :-) )

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  26. dawn r says:

    People don’t think that the products that are sold in grocery stores will harm them. They believe that if it is approved by the FDA/Government that it has to be safe. I’m telling you that there are so many different kinds of poisons in what we call food, it should be against the law. I know that my addiction to diet soda is the sole reason that I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have not drank soda for the last 12 years, but the damage was already done. I also believe that GMO’s,vaccinations, big pharma, chemecles and environmental pollutants(fluoride/etc) are why there is so much cancer, mental illnesses, ADHD, birth defects,obesity, food allergies and malnutrition in the US. We just keep spending our hard earned money on poisons that are sold as food, medicine and household cleaners that are supposed to be safe. Wake up people.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Dawn R.~ I couldn’t agree more! I hope you find restoration for some of the many challenges you face. May I recommend virgin coconut oil in therapeutic doses? That would be 3 TBSP per day. Blessings!

    • Sue Laidlaw says:

      so true, it’s not just artificial sweeteners but chemicals in food, in household cleaners, personal care and even toothpaste that are making everyone sick…people need to get themselves educated about this … ALSO sugar IS BAD FOR YOU!!! sorry folks – there’s really no safe amount of that either and that includes honey and maple syrup too because of the spikes in blood glucose and the affects on the pancreas and that it depletes the body of minerals – it is very addictive too!

  27. Ludmila Pennington says:

    OMG!!!! Now I’ll quit wondering why can not get rid of the headaches… 7 y.ago came to the country (I’m happily married and so inloved with my Hubby and that is another amazing story how we met) I was 34y.o. and I have to say pretty healthy, I love to eat absolutely everything and never had any kind of reaction…while we lived by ourselves while he had to go back overseas(Iraq) I didn’t noticed a lot of problems (I cooked very natural and healthy, meaning NO can, artificial food or with preservatives) but as soon as we moved with my inlaws I started noticing the fatigue and headaches (and my M in Law braggs about cooking very healthy and always buys the best and healthier products) I didn’t care too much about it (newly wed, living with the in-laws, pregnant) but 6months after my baby borned, I experienced a nightmare, one night while in bed started shaking and having leg tremors and my heart started beating like crazy and finally having convulsions my husband rushed me to the ER , the DRS ran all kind of tests just to tell me everything was fine…went back home and had 2 other episodes in resume we spent a fortune ( all our saving we even sold our house in order to pay DRS, hospital bills, etc, etc) After 3 days finally a simple country DR. told me your developing migraines and put me in the right track to start studying what I had and how to try thing to handle it naturally…I have to mention that I’m physical therapist so I have some experience in the medical field too…since then I got pretty aware of the MSG and Aspartame and I’ve super healthified my diet, and haven’t had bad migraines again however even I cooked and lived super fresh, and natural healthy I still experience mild headaches and I constantly live feeling slow and always my brain feels cloudy…Thanks for your article I’m already starting to check my pantry and I’ve thrown aways vitamins and medicine OC that I had…I will share this with all my contacts…
    P.S. Actually for me is so sad to think that not even in the organic markets we’re safe!!! If I could have my own farm to raise my meat and cultivate my veggies, would be great!!
    God Bless you and THANKS one more time.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Dear Ludmila,
      I am so sorry it has been such a bad time for you…YOU are one of the reasons I wrote this post. I think there are SO many who just have not had the time or ability to read and find out what may be the trigger for them. It is not just headaches, but so many other problems. Glad to be of help!! Thank you for sharing it and I pray it may help many :) Bless you!

  28. Janelle says:

    I actually did a brief post on the same thing! Aspartame is nasty stuff.


  29. Pede says:

    I was drinking diet sodas because, hello, no calories. Then I started getting stomachaches, headaches, bloating, leg jitters, and other fun symptoms. I remembered reading a similar study on aspartame and all the side effects, so I stopped drinking them, as well Crystal Light and sugar-free gum. All the side effects went away within a very short period. Now, whenever I forget and have a piece of sugar-free gum, my stomach acts up almost immediately, so apparently I have an intolerance to the chemical. Just because something has been approved by the FDA does NOT mean it’s healthy or good for you. I also agree with Dawn in that the reason cancer and other disease rates are so high is due to the added chemicals in our diets. Short of growing our own food though, (not always possible) there’s not a whole lot we can do except buy organic produce and meats and hope for the best. The government is never going to come out against any industry that is giving them billions of dollars, so we just have to keep searching for the truth ourselves and spreading the word.

  30. Esther says:

    This is so informative I have had family and friends think I am crazy for years. I am so sensitive to aspartame – and other chem. additives I get debilitating migraines and have started with my tounge swelling and the really scary side effects . I know that I have missed some of the names on ingredent lists . But I will keep reading lables THANK YOU for the other names it goes by , I knew most but I found a few I had missed ,I now know why I am still getting headaches . I have been moving steadly away from processed foods to raw organic’s out of self preservation. Thanks to blogs like yours less people this I am nuts and more are willing to read labels.

  31. I had heard that aspartame was bad when it first went into gum as nutra sweet. I had quite smoking and was on the the road driving team in an eighteen-wheeler. I drove the night shift and I started chewing Xtra chewing (sugar free) in place of the cigarettes and often would chew a whole 15 pk a night. By morning I would have a headache and be sick at my stomach. That’s when I found out that it turned to formaldehyde in your brain after ingesting so much of it. Years later now due to some on the job injuries I’m now disabled. afraid of gaining weight I started using Splenda in everything thinking it was safe, well now i am still gaining weight, diagnosed with muscle spasms in my legs, arms, and rib cage area, extreme depression, and Fibromyalga, gout. I started to notice everytime that I ate Chinese food that I would get a bad headache and break out in hives. I soon found out that it was the MSG. So I am trying the Charcoal capsules and no more splenda for me. Honey or nothing, we already cut out foods with high fructose corn syrup in them. I fell like i’m dying most days because of my obesity. I really appreciated your very informative blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Dear Rosella,
      My heart goes out to you. It is a minefield out there food wise…we, too,love Chinese, but found we got symptoms that would only be tied to eating it…
      I am glad you have been able to figure it out and now know what to do. I am praying for you right this minute. May the Lord give you wisdom, strength and discernment to know how to heal. And Lord, please give Rosella a new start…take away her problem with weight as she follows your guidance…comfort and let her know of Your presence to give her HOPE!!
      “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5: 17

      This is for YOU, Rosella. May it be a balm to your soul and help you find spiritual healing, if not physical, as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPIOkdNL-QQ

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  33. Thanks for posting this! I recently heard of the motion to allow milk distributors to avoid labeling artificial sweeteners in their milk products. I suffer from the worst headaches after ingesting artificial sweeteners (and this happens when I ingest Stevia, too, surprisingly!) I also have Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. These factors make this alarming news, and I’ve posted about it on my Facebook page, complete with links to the petition.

    I have never been much of a diet food person – it just never tasted right to me; but after discovering that many manufacturers use artificial sweeteners because they provide sweeter flavor at a fraction of the cost of real sugar, I have started closely examining packaging. Your article makes me wonder how much of this poison I ate, unknowingly, and whether it contributed to my Fibro.

    Many V8 Fusion juices (even the ones not labeled sugar free) contain aspartame, as does the “New and Improved” Swiss Miss Cocoa (also not labelled sugar free), and many of the “Cafe” coffees sold by Keurig and other “pod” coffee vendors. I’ve long felt that more disclosure is needed, and that anything with a sweetener other than sugar or honey should be listed clearly on the package. We’ve begun listing “Contains nuts” or “Contains milk” for those who are allergic to these products. Why not aspartame, which is so much more dangerous.

    Also, it should be noted that sucralose (not sucrose – that’s sugar!) is another name for artificial sweeteners, and again, causes headaches in many people. If what you say is correct, these headaches are actual physical damage occurring and should be monitored closely! It should be noted that at present if a product has at least *some* sugar in it, they can add aspartame or sucralose to it without any warning, because it isn’t “sugar free”. Therefore, the only way to know if you’re getting artificial sweeteners, is to label-read, as you mentioned.

    The whole thing is nothing more than another cost-saving venture on the part of companies, at the expense of the populace. It’s cheaper to use these products, and they don’t care about potential health risks. What does it say when we cant trust the people who make the food we eat? We can’t survive without food, so they have us over a barrel for sure. This would be why I’ve started growing my own.

  34. Beth says:

    Do you have information on stevia? I have heard that it is natural, but wondered if you agree or disagree.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Beth, I am just beginning to really look into stevia…since it is white and so perfect, it tells me that it is refined and possibly highly so. that is alone a red flag. There has most likely been bleaching going on and processing at high heat…just those two things make me feel cautious. I know when I have the Trader Joe’s brand ‘pure’ I want it again (feeling cravings for it)…again a red flag!
      If you find anything on it that is from a reliable source, I would be so grateful to read what you find (links, etc). I would love to do a post on it someday. Blessings :)

      • mandy says:

        you just want to make sure you get the organic drops. the powder has been processed and brands like truvia {while they admittedly taste better!} are gmo and processed.

  35. Mary Odom says:

    Are you familiar with munk fruit used as low cal sweetner. It is sold under the name nectresse or nevella.

    • Jacqueline says:

      No, Mary, I am not…but (like stevia) is it white and perfect looking? I am beginning to wonder about the high temp processing and bleaching to make these products pour and uniform and white! I’m sticking to raw honey as much as possible.

  36. Tracy M. says:

    Hi Jacqueline,
    Found this post through FB and wanted to let you know that this is one of the best articles on aspartame that I have read. I will post this to my fan page and I’ll also share with my friends. I have been on a mission to spread awareness about the foods we eat. My latest couple of articles have been on GMOs and my newest (it will go live this week) is on label reading. Keep informing, keep smiling… Aloha! :)

  37. I’ve know about this for some time. It ridiculous how we are being poisoned by our own food.
    I just found out about coconut sugar and was wondering how natural it would be. I cannot wait to hear what you learn about that. I also use Stevia in some things, instead of raw cane or honey. Any thoughts on Stevia?

    • Jacqueline says:

      I’m a little concerned about the high temp processing of stevia and now I find out it is also bleached to make it pure white. I was actually addicted to stevia and that gave me pause…was it working like an excitotoxin and damaging brain cells, too? I wonder! As for coconut sugar, it is processed to make it so fine and consistent, but I don’t think it is heated. Wish I knew more…
      Blessings to you, Kendra :)

  38. Oh, and the Stevia I use is a liquid from NuNaturals, in case you were wondering :)

  39. Dawn says:

    I just came across your website and LOVE it!! My mother and I are diabetics and switched to MANY sugar free and ‘diet’ groceries and now I am very concerned. I didn’t know how prevalent aspartame is in so many food items. So now I am unsure what to do. Will increase honey useage, what about agave nectar? I saw some posts on liquid stevia above so will have to look into that. Our FDA was created to protect us buy they sure are doing a BAD job of it !!!

  40. Pam says:

    We have almost completely eliminated artificial sweeteners from our home, only thing left is that darn Crystal Light and chewing gum! I find plenty of products without it, including yogurts, cereals, and drinks. We also have found gummy vitamins at Costco and adult vitamins at several stores without artificial sweeteners or artificial dyes :) We still use regular sugar though, this “real food” thing has been a challenge and is very overwhelming for us, so I am taking very slow baby steps. Sugar is quite frankly at the bottom of the list, at least is comes from sugar cane, an actual plant! I am focused on getting rid of artificial junk in the food as much as possible followed by cooking more at home instead of eating out. Not to mention, these small steps (plus growing children who eat a LOT more as they get older) have upped the food budget, so I need to evaluate cost vs. benefit very carefully before I make any changes. Most of the other options for sugar are quite the jump in cost. I have heard very mixed reviews on sucanant, stevia, and agave nectar on other wellness/real food sites, so am not going to use any of those. Coconut sugar at $12 per pound and local honey at $35 per 8oz are out of the question due to the limited budget :(

    • Jacqueline says:

      Aww, Pam,
      What you are doing is not small, and it always takes us longer than we think it should to convert to a healthier way. You are obviously a conscientious Mother and in time, I’m sure you will find the right place for you. I hope you don’t feel judged…we all have to make decisions based on budget, learning curve, and so much more. May God give you wisdom and bless you as you process it all :)

  41. Love this post so I’m sharing it on my Facebook page next week. I’ll tag your FB page and provide a link to this article. :)

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  43. SallyAnn says:

    Wow Jacqueline, Thanks so much for all that great information. I wasn’t shocked by most of the items you listed as having aspertame in them but I have to say I didn’t know about Ricola. We have used them a lot in the past. They won’t be used anymore, that is for sure.

    Great article. And I am going to share it on Pinterest and other places.

    Have an awesome day.

  44. Erica Ricky Kennedy says:

    I love your blog and want to start by saying “Thank you” for all of the wonderful and encouraging things you share, as well as the how-tos. That said, I must comment on this blog. I, too, abstain from Aspertame, in all of its forms, which we have several times brought into our home inadvertently. My husband is a diabetic and we do use “No Sugar Added” products quite often. I want to point out that SPLENDA, while not specifically named in your article, is included in one of the photos, and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY FORM OF ASPERTAME. Some other brands of Sucralose may contain other ingredients, but not Splenda. I know that many folks have grave concerns about Splenda and think that it is rat poison. This is nonsense. I have studied the science of it and as far as we are concerned it is not a problem for us. We have tried stevia and like it, but it is harder to obtain and more difficult to cook with. However, I am looking into growing some and working with it myself. Until then, we will pretty much stay with Splenda, or even the generics as long as they do not list any form of Aspertame, or use any of the “buzz words,” listed here and in other articles, such as nutritional additive, non-nutritional additive, or natural flavors. By the way, that last is hart to avoid, because it is sometimes quite innocently exactly what it claims.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Thank you, Erica,
      I will read more and try to learn more on Splenda. Do try to grow the real stevia plant. Using the dried leaf will not give you sweetener, but using it as a tea (steeping it in boiling water, even just a little bit, will give you the sweetest water and you can add it to dishes). I’m praying for your husband and you (his diabetes). It sounds like you take marvelous care of him and he is blessed! Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate your input.

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  46. Health Yog says:

    this is a very impressive stuff, i have used this one for health benefit, this is totally used in daily life but it must be consider…

  47. Sue Laidlaw says:

    love your site, just don’t get time to read it all

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